Check Your Old Testament, Bro

from Auricle by Multi



All you do is take a bunch of words and toss them in the air
And they'll end up stuck
In heaven or hell, all you do is
take a bunch of words and throw them into the air
So watch them be tossed away in heaven or hell

You're the devil and all you do is
take a bunch of words and toss them into the air
It's all you do, it's all you do, it's all you do

[Verse 2, Verse 4, Verse 7]

What you do to someone you never met
What you do to someone who doesn't deserve to survive
And what you do to someone who makes your life hell

Don't ask me what my name was
When I was a kid,
I didn't even know
All my names were "Myron"
Just like my daddy sayin'
You can't hold up all that change

I want to put these last words out onto paper
and turn them into a prayer

[Flash back to the old testament, where the Lord had told Moses he needed to gather all the tribes into his camp for a big feast to celebrate the Lord's birth.]
[Fade to black.]


from Auricle, released July 1, 2019




Multi Madison, Wisconsin

"The next generation of DNA sequencing is about to roll off your production line."

And so it happened in June 2019 — the culmination of a two-year mass recruitment of scientists to work for Multi, a biotechnology company building genome-editing technology. Multi is funded by the government of Japan for the purpose of developing a software-related technology for high-level genome editing. ... more

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